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Comfortable Contact Lenses

Don't make a spectacle out of your eye wear. Get in touch with Hampton Graves Eyecare for first-rate contact lenses from our Opticians in Gateshead.

Contact Lens Check

Comfort is always guaranteed with contact lenses from Hampton Graves Eyecare. You'll forget you're wearing them in no time. When we give you a contact lens check, we use a slit lamp and a keratometer to measuring the curvature of the anterior surface of the cornea, or in layman's terms to check whether the lens fits comfortably!

Types of Lens

Contact lenses are a great solution for those with active lifestyles, and we recommend having them even if you normally wear glasses. They are always improving and offer greater comfort now more than ever, so try them today. A contact lens check is only £25. Here are some of the types of lens we have available at Hampton Graves Eyecare:

Lens Case - Contact Lenses

Daily lenses: These are ideal for people who want flexible contact lenses to wear alongside spectacles or for those who want the convenience of using a
   fresh lens every day.
Monthly: These are as comfortable as they are cost-effective. These are worn on a daily basis, removed at night and then cleaned and stored overnight.
   They are  replaced at the end of 30 days use.
Extended use: Cutting edge technology that allows the lens to be worn for up to a month. This provides the convenience of visual correction from
   contact lenses without the hassle of handling the lenses on a daily basis.
RGP (rigid gas permeable) Lenses: These are traditional hard lenses that are rigid in design and sit within the cornea of the eye. RGP lenses are ideal
   for people who want to wear lenses for long periods and on a daily basis.
Conventional Soft Lenses: Conventional soft lenses are manufactured to your individual prescription and eye shape, which allows us to provide an
   ideal fit with optimum vision.
Tinted Lenses: The days of having to stick with the eye colour you were born with are over. Tinted lenses are now available in a wide range of colours
   and effects.

Lens Maintenance

Keep your lenses in the best condition possible with qualified advice from the professionals. Our staff show you the best practices for contact lens maintenance. They talk you through the process for cleaning them, and are always available should you have any questions.

Payment Plans

As contacts offer unparalleled convenience, Hampton Graves Eyecare make sure you have access to handy payment plans as well. With this in mind, you are able to pay for your contacts by Standing Order. Our contact lenses start from as little as £13 each month, and for patients choosing to pay by this method, there is a 20% discount off any spectacles purchased throughout the year.

Contact Hampton Graves Eyecare for first-rate contact lenses that combine convenience and comfort.